Zendesk – Our Customer Service Support System

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Zendesk – Our Customer Service Support System

07:14 24 April in About Swizly, Support

At Swizly we believe that a company is a direct reflection of the service customers receive. We wanted to make sure to provide our clients with premium customer service regardless of their location, size, or spend. That’s why Swizly integrated Zendesk customer service platform into our backend keeping the lines of communication open between technical staff at Swizly and our users.
Depending on your selected package, you can now reach us via email, live chat, social networks, and phone. Regardless of the method chosen, your inquiry is recorded and a ticket is issued and followed up by a customer service agent at Swizly.

95% of customer tickets are resolved within the first 24 hours of their submission ensuring an uninterrupted top-notch service.

Here are the different ways you can get in touch with us:

So make sure you reach out whenever you have an inquiry about our services.