What is Swizly?

What is Swizly?

07:11 24 April in About Swizly

In short, Swizly is a social media aggregator. Humbleness; however, is not our strong suit; that’s why we feel compelled to give you the longer version of what Swizly is all about. We did our homework when we decided to revamp the old platform and studied what is currently being offered by the competition. Our strategic decision was to take everything they had and make it better, faster, more visually appealing; all that without burning a hole in your corporate pocket.

The aim of Swizly is to consolidate your social media communication into one destination that can be embedded in your website, WordPress blog, or Facebook page and can literally be viewed on any type of display, from you mobile to your digital social wall at your next launch event.

Swizly allows you to aggregate your social feed from over 10 different networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr and much more. Swizly also populates and moderates user generated content (UGC) from hashtags from both Instagram & Twitter bridging the gap between your brand and its fans.

Another prominent feature that Swizly offers its clients is the ability to monitor and assess their social engagement. We’ve currently incorporated Google analytics as part of our service offering and will soon be introducing a more in-depth analytic tool to provide you with more insightful data.

The strongest suit however is definitely the visual appeal of Swizly. We don’t just tile up your social feed, we create a beautiful collage that compels engagement from a user perspective.

Are you on Swizly yet? No, what are you waiting for,  join us today.