What should universities do to increase their recruitment rate?

What should universities do to increase their recruitment rate?

07:24 25 April in Uncategorized

Finals’ period is just around the corner and after it another commencement ceremony will be taking place across campuses. Some students will be graduating and some others will be joining university campuses in early September. But how can you make sure that these newly enrolled student will not drop out one year or more down the line? Effectively, more than half of students who start college drop out within six years (Selingo, 2018)


Universities have a duty to make students’ transition into university life as smooth as possible and as inclusive as possible. One way to tackle the issue is by making sure there is a studied orientation program given to high school students and a proper matching between student and university is done.

Universities can do so by refining their student recruitment targeting both online and offline.

CRM systems can do wonders in this field. Once data obtained from student recruitment agents and online resources are matched up, universities will be able to classify their potential leads and target them subsequently. One way to do it is by sending information to interested students with information on both the university, the faculty and the major they’re interested in. By doing so, universities will be giving prospective students a 360 degree overview of the campus and student life.


As mobile penetration rate has been increasing tremendously, especially among younger generations, one way to target them is on their mobile phones. With its mobile engagement guide (MEG), Swizly allows you to do so easily. On one hand, the MEG is designed and developed using the latest technologies to give prospective students the interaction they would have had while using an application without the hassle of downloading one. On the other hand, by targeting high school students directly on their phone, universities are bound to reach their audiences in the right way, right place and right time!

In summary, universities should aim to modernize the way they reach out to students in order to increase and retain their prospective students rate.



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