Top 4 Reasons to Use Swizly

Top 4 Reasons to Use Swizly

06:30 25 June in About Swizly, Higher Education

In order to connect with its different stakeholders, universities tend to have a presence on different social media channels. However, more often than not, a university will see a surge in visits towards its website as it is a unique landmark reflective of its identity. A way to sustain their digital presence, universities are investing in social hubs and Swizly is a favorite, but not just for being a social aggregator.

Increase Engagement

Users are bound to be more engaged as all the news, information related to an event or conference are found in one place. The user doesn’t have to be on multiple channels to have a global knowledge about the topic discussed, hence it is easier on him to engage in the conversation. Swizly’s social hub aggregates over 10 social channels and can be embedded on your website, Facebook page or app.

Increase Reach

One of the main reasons why universities use social hubs is to showcase student and campus life, which are key points in attracting new recruits. Swizly goes a step further and gives your school a dedicated mobile web app that can increase your applicant pool by three times!

Precise Targeting

Swizly’s algorithm works on targeting prospective students that match your school’s spirit. We segment and target your potential applicant pool based on geolocation, demographics, behavior, and keyword.

Structured Analytics

Swizly allows universities to leverage the data being collected from its mobile engagement guide and move prospective students along the student journey funnel by providing the bureau of student recruitment with all necessary information to nurture a relationship with prospective students and transform them from prospects to students and then alumni.