T’is the Season to Leave a Dazzling Social Media Impression

T’is the Season to Leave a Dazzling Social Media Impression

13:27 18 November in Coupons and Offers

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday less than two weeks away, t’is the season to leave a dazzling social media impression, but t’is also the season when it’s the most difficult to do so.

From simple wall activations to full-fledged campaigns – no brand, whether B2B or B2C, wants to miss out on the jolly season. And why should they? According to Catalog Spree, 74% of shoppers research online to get idea for their holiday wish lists. Personal spending is at its annual peak during this time with some retailers reporting more than 70% of their annual sales during these next two months.

It’s difficult to jingle and shine when your competitors (and every brand under the sun, really) is investing a decent sum of their budget at the same time. The hordes of online content are dulling your sparkle; regardless of how unique your content is – it’s never enough.

Are you accessible enough to influence holiday purchases and prospects between your competitors?

If you’re running an activation, consider dedicating an entire page to it.

Better yet – increase brand recall by using the just released .holiday or .gift TLDs (Top-Level Domains) for about $60/year from a domain registrar (e.g. Name.com or WeRegister.xyz). Attach it to your Swizly.com Social Hub and dedicate the page to aggregate all content that uses your holiday specialized/promoted hashtag.

We’re spreading the Christmas cheer and here to help. Use the promo code CyberMonday on checkout to claim a 50% discount on Brand Package or above.

May the odds be ever in your favor during this holiday season.