Social Media Marketing Trends To Expect In 2016

Social Media Marketing Trends To Expect In 2016

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Social media will remain to be a vital marketing platform for businesses. Based on a research featured by Mashable in 2014, roughly around 81% of small to medium enterprises are leveraging social media, while 94% of them have a strong ongoing marketing campaign. By 2016, a projected 2.16 billion social media users globally are expected, a big leap from 2015’s 1.93 billion users.

However, some digital marketing approach may no longer be that effective come next year, as new social media trends will change the way businesses approach their markets online. To keep you in the loop, Swizly will unravel some of the top social media marketing trends you should expect to rise in 2016:

Social media is the new Google
Google will still be a top search engine platform for many online users, but social media will also play a huge part in the decision making of buyers. Beyond the SEO and Google Search, businesses will have to pay close attention to the increasing number of social media users who search products, services, businesses, and reviews on Facebook and Instagram. Did you know that 88% of consumers are influenced by the reviews and comments they read online from other buyers? Instead of going to the official websites, some consumers are now visiting the social media pages of businesses to know their brands and products. It’s the same reason why most of the social pages of companies are now ranking on the first pages of Google when you search for their names.

Buy buttons will be necessary
Facebook and Pinterest have introduced their new “buy” features to marketers and consumers online. Users who view a sponsored post can now purchase items with just a click, without the need to leave the application. Instagram is now following the trend, too, with the addition of sponsored posts on the user’s news feed. It is expected that by the end of next year, most major social media platforms will start using the buy button naturally. Today, Facebook has added the buy button on business pages to redirect consumers to an easy to navigate purchase page without leaving the social media platform itself.

Facebook’s digital assistant will take over
In August, Facebook launched their new social media functionality through the arrival of M. It is the Facebook Messenger’s digital assistant who can help you with various personal requests such as: “Can you help me order flowers for my mom’s birthday?” Facebook M will be competing against other built-in mobile digital assistants such as Siri who is said to be smarter on its latest update. Currently, Apple made Siri smarter on their new handsets with the addition of Hey Siri! feature that recognizes the owner’s voice. Siri has been available on almost all the iPhones on the market from the 5s and 5c variants to the 6s and 6s Plus model as seen on the list provided by O2. The Facebook M does not have that biometric sensor to recognize the voice yet like Siri does, but its arrival will be important to businesses as they can enlist their company, brand, and products as a suggested solution to queries. Other social media platforms (Twitter and Instagram) will soon adopt this feature to their functionality to prevent users from ever leaving the app.

Snapchat in marketing will make sense
When we hear Snapchat in business discussions, we often encounter the most common question: “Is this really a good platform to reach our target market?” But, recent trends in online usage reveals that Snapchat is more than just a “fun marketing experiment,” it will be a standard marketing tool to target a larger audience in real-time. If you are updated with the current news, you may have heard that the US presidential candidates for 2016 are now turning to Snapchat to connect with more voters. This platform will be highly important for businesses aiming to target the younger generation (including Millenials). Younger mobile users are the common adopters of this new social craze and they react well with getting exclusive content with an expiration date.

Social media will grow bigger next year as more users and businesses will turn to this platform to connect with one another. It’s essential to keep up with trends to run and manage your campaigns as seamless and efficient as possible. To get things done easily, read how Swizly can help you in your social media marketing today.


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