#JeSuisCharlie and the Power of Hashtag Aggregation

#JeSuisCharlie and the Power of Hashtag Aggregation

15:56 08 January in Aggregation

Following the January 7 terror attack at the Charlie Hebdo head office in Paris, the Charlie Hebdo website published an image with the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” (I Am Charlie). Journalists from news offices around the World popularized the phrase as a hashtag, causing it to blow up across social media platforms.

Yesterday, the globe united under one hashtag – demonstrating the power of a single clickable word. Indeed; #jesuischarlie was the number one trending hashtag on Twitter on Wednesday, and Instagram currently has more than 533,000 posts under #jesuischarlie.

It’s at remarkable times like these that hashtag aggregation is necessary.

Swizly offers hashtag aggregation, pulling content from different social networks in near real-time. Simply input the hashtag(s) of your choice, and watch the content roll in. Swizly also allows you to moderate content, and remove unrelated spam by the click of a button.

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