What College Signing Day Means to Universities

What College Signing Day Means to Universities

11:48 04 May in Higher Education, News

For the 5th consecutive year, former first lady Michelle Obama reunited with high school students for College Signing Day, an event encouraging youth to pursue education past high school.  In times where 47% of people believe that a four-year college degree is not worth the cost, people are becoming more and more skeptical about getting one.

One of the reasons why people believe that a higher education is not worth the cost is that colleges are graduating minds unfit for the working world, lacking the skills needed in the everyday job. One way to change this perception is perhaps making adjustments to the way colleges are delivering their curriculums.

Another way would be prioritizing the student experience. In her speech, Mrs. Obama emphasized the importance of belonging in a community and not to exclude oneself, especially at college.  As we had mentioned in an earlier blog post, colleges are ought to nurture a sense of belonging in all of the students, and technology can be a great medium to achieve this target. Keeping students informed of the latest happenings on both an academic and non-academic level is key to encourage engagement in the student and campus life especially for first-year university students who have more at stake than any other member of the community.

All higher education institutes should keep in mind that the Student Experience starts even before prospectives enroll at your university. Hence, the importance to reflect your campus’ image across all communication to attract the highest number of students possible. Colleges have to prove themselves and showcase why in days like ours where infinite knowledge is a click of a button away getting a higher education is important. Many universities are using social hubs for this purpose and Swizly is a favorite among many. On top of benefiting the whole school community, Swizly has components dedicated to attracting new students to your university, increase your applicant pool and your student recruitment rate in ways that benefit both the students and university. Through Swizly, schools can showcase their values, their curriculums, their campus life and many other aspects that are important to prospective, students and alumni all in an incisive and attracting way.