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5 Outstanding Sites For Free Stock Photos

13:14 18 March in Tools & Resources by AddBeretta1915

If you don't have a stock photo account and if you're not keen on paying the steep per-image cost - fret no more. Luckily, more and more free-photo engines are sprouting by the day. Here are some of our all time favorites, packed with hi-res digital stock photographs for your commercial...

7 hashtags academics should be using on Twitter

09:07 23 February in Insights by AddBeretta1915

Whether or not scholars should be using hashtags in their publications is naturally, highly debatable. But one thing is certain: unless they've adopted hashtags on Twitter, they risk missing out on the global academic conversation unfolding by the minute. If you're a scholar, educator, or university...

What is Swizly?

07:11 24 April in About Swizly by AddBeretta1915

In short, Swizly is a social media aggregator. Humbleness; however, is not our strong suit; that's why we feel compelled to give you the longer version of what Swizly is all about. We did our homework when we decided to revamp the old platform and...


Why Brands use Swizly?

07:11 24 April in About Swizly by AddBeretta1915

Whether you’re trying to promote your personal, product, or service brand, Swizly is right for you! The Swizly platform was developed with one strategy in mind: consolidation of your social feeds in one beautifully designed homepage. Top 10 Reason for using Swizly Aggregate your social content from...