7 Tips to Help you Make the Best Use of Swizly’s Platform

7 Tips to Help you Make the Best Use of Swizly’s Platform

10:19 20 April in Tips & Tricks

If you’ve just signed up for Swizly, welcome aboard, Swizler! We’re happy to have you aggregating with us. As a starter, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the best use of your account.

1. Make sure to set ‘manual publishing’ ON to approve content before it appears on your page. Manual publishing is especially recommended for those who are aggregating content from a hashtag that is likely to be widely used and hijacked by spammers.

2. Swizly’s cover image size is larger than the standard size range supported by popular social networks. As such, we recommend a high-res image where details aren’t compensated. For best cover image resolution, upload a photo that is 1200px wide by 505px high, saved for web at 300 dpi.

3. You can choose to point your Social Hub to a custom domain. Whether you prefer social.yourname.com, yourname.social, or yourname.com is up to you. Industry-specific TLDs are also available for you to customize your domain.

4. The ‘Favicon’ logo is the little thumbnail that appears on the viewer’s tab. Upload a square image (your logo recommended) to disable Swizly’s default image. Best fit is 16×16 px.

Swizly Favicon

The favicons of some of the World’s most well-known brands


5. We recommend connecting at least three social networks to take advantage of Swizly’s aggregation capabilities.

6. To embed your Swizly Social Hub into your Facebook page, grab the Embed Code from the ‘Customize’ page on the Swizly interface. To host the code on a Facebook tab, you’ll need a third-party tab installer. We recommend WooBox, though there are plenty of other free services to select from.

Swizly Embed Code Sample

7.  Linking your Google Analytics account to your Swizly Social Hub is a straightforward and easy procedure. Once you add your Swizly URL address to the GA interface, grab the code you’re provided with (beginning with ‘UA-‘) and paste it into the dedicated form on your Swizly dashboard (Customize > Profile).

Now that you’ve configured your Swizly Social Hub to suit your needs, you can focus on curating the best content and watch as it seamlessly appears onto your new hub. 

Have a question? Need help setting up? Email us at customercare@swizly.com