T’is the Season to Leave a Dazzling Social Media Impression

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With Black Friday and Cyber Monday less than two weeks away, t’is the season to leave a dazzling social media impression, but t’is also the season when it’s the most difficult to do so.

From simple wall activations to full-fledged campaigns – no brand, whether B2B or B2C, wants to miss out on the jolly season. And why should they? According to Catalog Spree, 74% of shoppers research online to get idea for their holiday wish lists. Personal spending is at its annual peak during this time with some retailers reporting more than 70% of their annual sales during these next two months.

It’s difficult to jingle and shine when your competitors (and every brand under the sun, really) is investing a decent sum of their budget at the same time. The hordes of online content are dulling your sparkle; regardless of how unique your content is – it’s never enough.

Are you accessible enough to influence holiday purchases and prospects between your competitors?

If you’re running an activation, consider dedicating an entire page to it.

Better yet – increase brand recall by using the just released .holiday or .gift TLDs (Top-Level Domains) for about $60/year from a domain registrar (e.g. Name.com or WeRegister.xyz). Attach it to your Swizly.com Social Hub and dedicate the page to aggregate all content that uses your holiday specialized/promoted hashtag.

We’re spreading the Christmas cheer and here to help. Use the promo code CyberMonday on checkout to claim a 50% discount on Brand Package or above.

May the odds be ever in your favor during this holiday season.

Missed the Action? Swizly’s got your back …

One of the coolest Swizly features is its ability to effortlessly inhale content from across the web using a simple hashtag. Since the whole world seems to be talking about nowadays is football – we decided to create a page that speaks that language – Swizly World Cup 2014.

Missed yesterday’s game between Uruguay & Italy? Don’t worry about it! A quick look at the our World Cup page should more than suffice to help you carry the conversation about the game over lunch … don’t worry we won’t tell anyone 🙂

If you’re passionate about a particular subject or would like to promote a particular event, you can do that in under 5 minutes with Swizly – give a try, you’ve got nothing to lose. Just think of the traction your Swizly page would generate – become the go-to-person in your field of interest. Start your trial account now!

Oh, just before you go, here are some pictures describing how some of the viewers felt after watching the game between Uruguay & Italy yesterday … they’re hilarious!



Zendesk – Our Customer Service Support System

At Swizly we believe that a company is a direct reflection of the service customers receive. We wanted to make sure to provide our clients with premium customer service regardless of their location, size, or spend. That’s why Swizly integrated Zendesk customer service platform into our backend keeping the lines of communication open between technical staff at Swizly and our users.
Depending on your selected package, you can now reach us via email, live chat, social networks, and phone. Regardless of the method chosen, your inquiry is recorded and a ticket is issued and followed up by a customer service agent at Swizly.

95% of customer tickets are resolved within the first 24 hours of their submission ensuring an uninterrupted top-notch service.

Here are the different ways you can get in touch with us:

So make sure you reach out whenever you have an inquiry about our services.


What is Swizly?

In short, Swizly is a social media aggregator. Humbleness; however, is not our strong suit; that’s why we feel compelled to give you the longer version of what Swizly is all about. We did our homework when we decided to revamp the old platform and studied what is currently being offered by the competition. Our strategic decision was to take everything they had and make it better, faster, more visually appealing; all that without burning a hole in your corporate pocket.

The aim of Swizly is to consolidate your social media communication into one destination that can be embedded in your website, WordPress blog, or Facebook page and can literally be viewed on any type of display, from you mobile to your digital social wall at your next launch event.

Swizly allows you to aggregate your social feed from over 10 different networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumblr and much more. Swizly also populates and moderates user generated content (UGC) from hashtags from both Instagram & Twitter bridging the gap between your brand and its fans.

Another prominent feature that Swizly offers its clients is the ability to monitor and assess their social engagement. We’ve currently incorporated Google analytics as part of our service offering and will soon be introducing a more in-depth analytic tool to provide you with more insightful data.

The strongest suit however is definitely the visual appeal of Swizly. We don’t just tile up your social feed, we create a beautiful collage that compels engagement from a user perspective.

Are you on Swizly yet? No, what are you waiting for,  join us today.


Why Brands use Swizly?

Whether you’re trying to promote your personal, product, or service brand, Swizly is right for you! The Swizly platform was developed with one strategy in mind: consolidation of your social feeds in one beautifully designed homepage.

Top 10 Reason for using Swizly

  1. Aggregate your social content from over 10 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Vimeo, Flickr, Tumbler and much more.
  2. Display your social feed in an attractive intuitive layout
  3. Populate User Generated Content from Twitter & Instagram hashtags
  4. Add multiple RSS feeds to enrich your content
  5. Embed Swizly into your website and increase your incoming traffic and user engagement
  6. Easily customize Swizly to reflect your brand’s look & feel
  7. Showcase your social feed on any type of display thanks to Swizly’s responsive design
  8. Moderate and filter user generated content using our online publishing queue
  9. Track your post engagement using our integrated monitoring tool
  10. Benefit from Swizly’s exceptional customer service

Who is Swizly for?

Swizly is the ideal solution to any entity interested in harnessing the power of its social media presence under one roof.

Let us know how you use Swizly … and just in case you haven’t started yet, it’s never too late to join the Swizly family!


Third Time’s a Charm

In July 2011, a group of friends that worked at Yodle launched Glossi, a platform created to make it easy to showcase the growing mass of social media content surrounding your brand. Shortly after that, in January 2013 to be exact, the same founding fathers decided to re-brand Glossi and called it PRESSi, a name that served as a better reflection of their long term goals of becoming synonymous with your online social media magazine. Realizing the potential a platform like PRESSi had, a group of visionary entrepreneurs decided to buyout the company in July 2013. And on May 5, 2014, Swizly was launched!

So what happened from July 2013 till May 2014

After a thorough understanding of the existing system, the team realized that a lot of work had to be done before Swizly can be ready to play with the big boys. The restructuring was divided into three phases:

  • Infrastructure restructuring & upgrading
  • Back-end & Front-end Design
  • Brand Re-positioning

Phase 1 – Infrastructure

Swizly is ‘built in the cloud’ using Amazon Web Services. We can scale up to 1,000,000 users with a click of a button. Built with Python programming language, using Django Framework, we have undergone major software library updates along with tweaking and reworking our system architecture to make Swizly fully redundant and 3x faster. We’ve also implemented Sentry, an automatic error reporting system with a little AI for quicker turnaround on any system issues. Facebook graph API, Twitter 1.1 API and LinkedIn API updates have been completed, adding even quicker and more reliable data pulls.

Phase 2 – Back-end & Front-end

PRESSi was initially created to become your online social media magazine therefore the team certainly put design as an integral part of its brand. However, a lot of work needed to be done from a user experience perspective. The team decided to use the customer feedback as a starting point for the redesigning process.
A main concern for our customers was the ability to customize the look and feel of their Swizly page. With the new system in place, our customers can easily change basic design elements of their Swizly page to match their brand identity.
We also set out to make the user journey from signup to launch as smooth and as fast as possible and that is exactly what we did. In less than 5 minutes, you can have your Swizly page up and running.

Phase 3 – Brand

PRESSi was a catchy name to begin with but from a strategic standpoint, it resonated too closely to all that is related to press, which lacked the excitement the brand and the platform itself promised. We needed a brand name that was original, short, modern, memorable, and fun. With those attributes in mind, Swizly was born. Inspired from the swizzle stick used to mix your cocktails up, the word Swizly was coined to reflect the platform’s capability of stirring your social media communication.

Glossi was good, PRESSi was better, Swizly is best! Our promise to you is continued advancement and incredible new features in the near future.